Most of depression cases  by the young age : A high risk


These days  Depression is a major  health issue for every country. It affecting a very high ratio of the young population. The early age depression rates in India have increased rapidly , as more than 45 present cases of depression have come to light in the age group of 16 that means during the school time and it’s a matter of concern deteriorating mental health of youngsters because it belong to our future.

Every year we celebrate World Mental Health Day on 31 August and in 2018 During a research we found that most of the students going through the depression and it’s a very early age. For that there is no one particular reason, but a most basic reasons behind the increasing rate of depression in this age group is  Changing our socio structures and the stresses full lifestyle seem to be a very big reason.

These days there is competition every where to out-do each other at all levels as studies , game and other activities to be prove themselves best but the fact is that this changing world making young people more depressed and confuse. The impact of social changes on family change their priorities and these priorities makes us limited yourself and its makes us alone which has been increased stress level.

 These days Working parents barely have time for their children. So our Young generation spends most of their time on games , tv and  the internet. It is ironic most of the games and tv programs are full of violence, sex and fantasy which creates a misguidance about life and happiness. In the present days due to a rising number of divorces, single parent family format  often results in children unable to solve there problems , loss these confidence , they starting to feel alone and mot of the time need to medical and psychiatric treatment.

According to a research in world happiness index India is on 140 number from one 159. On another hand we are also witnessing the rise of suicides in young population India’s rank 19 out of 159 and it’s a very high ratio and it’s a matter of concern. In this era it’s very important that some steps are taken to save the children from falling into depression and to save our future of India .This is the time that families and governments pay serious attention to the plights of young population because these are not only the citizen these are the future of up coming era.