Mental health, mindfulness help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life

This times we are currently living in can be overwhelming occasionally. It is important that we take time to ourselves, to gather our thoughts, regroup and strengthen. As much as being happy comes from within, we can certainly facilitate it with the help of a few practices that can make us more well-rounded, calm individuals, who can, in turn, be able to aid others for the same.

Mindfulness – A simple but effective way to lead a peaceful life is through practising mindfulness. Multiple meditation techniques work on the basis of emptying your mind, letting go of all that hinders peace.Mindful awareness urges you to acknowledge everything that is around you for what it is and once acknowledged, move onward. It is the practice of being aware of your body and surroundings at all times.

Healthy Conversation – Humans by nature are social animals, we thrive on intimate relationships and social gatherings. Shared language, gestures and communication are what makes us beings with complex emotion patterns.It is not necessary to have a large group of friends, nor is important to share every single thought that comes to your mind. One meaningful interaction can work wonders for your psyche more so than thirty casual ones.In conversations, listen more often than you speak. Words have the power of expression and should be used with care.

Positive Energy – Physicists refer to all light, matter, and antimatter as ‘positive energy’ and recent studies have shown that “there is an equal amount of ‘negative energy’ stored in the gravitational attraction that exists between all the positive-energy particles” and the energy exchange that happens is constant.We all have a limited amount of energy on any given day. So, in turn, anything that you invest energy in will do the same for you. This goes for people, hobbies, work, and content consumed through the internet or other sources.

Good Habitat – It works well to establish a personal and comfortable space in which to be at the end of the day. The familiarity of a place which is filled with pleasant memories can work wonders for mental health.Keep in constant touch with nature too – go for hikes, long walks in the forest, swim in a lake or the ocean. The sheer unpredictability of nature works well for keeping one grounded.