Harmful effects of Mobile and Laptop : Light of laptop and smartphone is causing skin damage!

Most of the time spend on their phone to find something interesting or work on the laptop for a long time? If this is the case then there is a new news for you. According to a new research, the light that comes out of your laptop or smartphone weakens the light of your eyes, as well as damages the skin.

We are all aware of the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also, precautions are taken to avoid this, so as not to damage your skin. However, many people do not know that blue light emitted from laptop and mobile can also damage your skin. Yes, you read it right.

The blue light emitted from laptops and smartphones is a short wavelength light that emits a lot of energy. Because we spend most of our time working on laptop or mobile, this harmful light has become a matter of concern.

It is true that blue light emanating from the sun is also beneficial for us in many ways, however, the light emanating from mobile and laptop is not natural, it has been made by humans, so it does not benefit in any way. Manmade lights make the skin premature and can also cause wrinkles. Also hyper pigmentation on the skin and loose skin problems can start.

People who have darker skin have a higher amount of melanin in their skin, and therefore, the screen light can easily cause redness and pigmentation. Healthy collagen of the skin breaks down due to the light of the screen and dark spots and hyper pigmentation occur on the face.

What to do ?

Use a cooling pad. Mine has a fan with a USB cable that’s powered off a standard USB port.

Raise your laptop off your lap at least an inch (EMF radiation drops off dramatically in that initial jump from “direct contact”). Stick it on a table.

if you prefer sitting in a chair as I do, get one of those crosswise surfaces that braces on either chair arm, like the one film critic Roger Ebert’s using Spread the word.

It is important that you protect your skin from harmful screen light. However, in today's time it is not possible to stop using laptops and mobiles at all. So to avoid this, apply sunscreen lotion indoors too. If this is not helping you, then consult a skin specialist.