Government's decision - Chinese communication equipment will be banned

The Indian government has decided to ban Chinese communication equipment. All mobile service providers have been instructed to remove Chinese equipment. Government companies have been asked to issue tenders by changing the terms so that Chinese companies do not participate.

The Government of India has directed the Department of Communications, BSNL and MTNL to immediately stop the use of any Chinese device for the implementation of 4G, not only that the Department of Communications has used / is being used in the implementation of 4G of Chinese devices. Devices are also banned immediately.

The government has instructed all government companies under which tenders issued for the purchase of all communication equipment should be canceled immediately and new tenders should be issued with new conditions for the purchase of communication equipment. The words of these tenders should be coined in such a way so that the Chinese companies either go out on their own or the Chinese companies cannot participate in these tenders.

The communication department has started the process of giving instructions to all private mobile service providers. Under this, all private mobile service providers are being instructed to immediately discontinue the currently used Chinese devices and to ban the use of new Chinese devices.In particular, questions have been raised around the world related to data theft and security matters. Ownership of these two companies has also been clouded by doubt. It is believed that the Chinese government is behind these two companies.

The Department of Communications will not only be able to move towards self-reliant India by banning Chinese communications equipment, but will also be stronger on the national security front, most important for the country. This decision of the government and the Ministry of Communications has come at a time when India and Not only is there a tremendous tension on the border between China but there have also been bloody clashes with it. In such a situation, the government is placing the issue of national security at the forefront by banning Chinese communication equipment. At the same time, it is clear to the public, boycott Chinese goods.