The Lancet fears in its report that the corona virus could kill 50 to 100 million people worldwide

A report in The Lancet, one of the world's largest medical research magazines, estimates that the corona virus epidemic could kill 50 to 100 million people worldwide. According to the report, the way the epidemic is growing will increase the burden on the medical system, which will result in more deaths.

The Lancet fears that conditions similar to those caused by the Spanish flu in 1918 about 100 years ago could be due to the Corona epidemic. In fact, the kind of picture that is being seen all over the world today, some similar pictures were also seen during the Spanish flu.

Masks had to be worn back then and even today masks are said to be necessary. Quarantine centers were set up then and are still being set up today. The Spanish flu also killed millions of people and the death toll continues to rise. In addition, people's way of life changed a lot during the Spanish flu and even today people are forced to change their lifestyle due to the corona virus.

The Lancet also states in its report that Corona's CFR i.e. case fertility ratio is much higher than that of the flu. Explain that in 1918, the Spanish flu killed about 100 million people worldwide. Due to this flu, about 10 million people lost their lives in India alone.

Let me tell you that cases of corona virus worldwide have now crossed the figure of 7.4 million. Even in India now about 10 thousand cases are coming to the fore daily. According to Johns Hopkins data, India (286,577) is also among the five countries with the highest number of corona cases. The United States is currently ranked first (2,011,341), followed by Brazil (772,416), Russia (501,800) and the United Kingdom (292,854).

Corona has killed 8,102 people in India so far. So far 4,21,505 people in the world have lost their lives due to corona. The worst outbreak of the virus is in the United States, where about 1,15,624 people have died so far.